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Design is the most important aspect of branding. 

Your brand is the focal point of  your

marketing approach.

Let us help you build your business brand

with custom apparel. 

Our goal is to give small business owners five star treatment while they grow their

business to the next level.



I'm Gail the creative behind GailPDesigns.  In the early 90s I began creating invitations, logos and other graphic design projects for family and friends.  


During COVID, I decided to purchase my first embroidery machine. I eagerly taught myself how to digitize logo designs and custom artwork.  Once I became efficient I added the digitizing and embroidery service to my portfolio. 


We have assisted many small business owners with custom branding on aprons, headgear, hoodies and T-shirts. 


We pride ourselves on delivering quality apparel on the our first interaction with the client.


Let's work together to grow your business.

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